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10/8/14 -
Children’s Writer Tripp

CHILDHOOD FUN! American Girl Author Valerie Tripp describes how, as a child, she and siblings made Hawaiian skirts from newspapers, for family skits. Tripp’s animated speaking style captivated AWWNM’s audience.

3/28/14 - “I Call With All My Voices”

L-R – Poet Laureate Emeritus Marilyn Nelson, Janice Law (AWWNM Founder), and Lavonda Broadnax, scholar and historian.

9/19/13 - “Business of Romance” panelists

L-R Janice Law, founder; Joyce Lamb, USA Today blogger; Cassandra Corcoran, romance writer; Amanda Brice, romance writer; Janeen Solberg, manager, Nora Roberts bookstore; Ruth Glick, novelist.

8/16/12 - Literary Foodstuffs

Literary Foodstuffs: Panelists (L-R) Jennifer Cognard-Black, Janice Law (AWWNM Founder), Melissa Goldthwaite, April Linder, and E.J. Levy

6/07/12 -"Sh-h-h-h-h..Don't Tell Anyone: Secrets to Finding a Literary Agent" Lecture by Carole Sargent

AWWNM’s June 7, 2012 Educational Program “How to Get an Agent”
L-R: Nicole, Guest, Janice Law, Guest, Dr. Carole Sargent


AWWNM’s June 7, 2012 Educational Program “How to Get an Agent”
L-R: Nicole, Guest, Janice Law, Guest, Dr. Carole Sargent

Dr. Carole Sargent of Georgetown University lectures to AWWNM attendees - “How to Get an Agent”


5/09/12-Law speaks on AWWNM at Library of Congress

L-R:  Janice Law, Helen Hester-Ossa of Copyright Section, Library of Congress. May 9, 2012, Library of Congress Elevator P.

May 9, 2012, “Actors” - Library of Congress employees took dramatic roles in
Janice Law’s Sci Fi & Fantasy short story.

May 9, 2012, Library of Congress.  Janice Law presents Sci Fi & Fantasy short story lecture.

HONORING American Poet Emily Dickinson

L-R Emily Dickinson Scholar Martha Nell Smith; AWWNM Founder, Janice Law; and Dickinson Scholar Nelly Lewis Lambert at Nov. 6, 2013 AWWNM program.

11/6/14 - Emily D. Comedienne?

Scholar Nelly Lewis Lambert discusses Poet Emily Dickinson AWWNM program with fans; including Elizabeth Brownstein, right.

4/17/13 FOIA Women

Experts on Freedom of Information Act, at AWWNM’s April 17 event. L-R - Angela Canterbury, Project on Government Oversight (POGO), Janice Law (AWWNM Founder), and attorney Lucy Dalglish, Dean of Merrill School of Journalism at University of Maryland.

6/8/12 Mysterious Women

AWWNM Panel - Mysterious Women Who Know Their Place L-R: Karna Bodman, Marcia Talley, Janice Law (standing), Elizabeth Foxwell, Ellen Crosby, Donna Andrews. (For audio of Nancy Drew panel, Click Here)

8/16/12 - Edible Poems?

Edible Poems Panel - Food Writers (L-R) Jennifer Cognard-Black, Melissa Goldthwaite, April Linder, and E.J. Levy

6/05/12 - Center for Book: Annual Hall of Fame Induction


Princeton Club, New York City New York Center for Book -- Annual Hall of Fame Induction
L-R: Janice Law, Joyce Carol Oates

5/11/12 - AWWNM's Fantastic Heroines! Panel


May 11, 2012, “Fantastic Heroines” panel at AWWNM.

L-R:  Sci Fi & Fantasy authors at AWWNM Panel - “Fantastic Heroines.” Jagi Lamlighter, Brenda Clough, Janice Law, Colleen Cahill, Jeri Smith-Ready.

Audience meets authors at AWWNM.  Author Jeri Smith-Ready meets a fan at the
May 11, 2012 panel on Sci Fi & Fantasy at AWWNM.

Kathi Overton videotaping AWWNM Fantastic Heroines panel May 11, 2012. Overton donated her services.

May 11, 2012 - Audience at Fantastic Heroines AWWNM panel.



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